But Sir, Why Agricultural Research Management?

G S Swetha Rao


With this question in mind, we the students of MA JMC boarded the bus from EFL-University to the National Academy of Agricultural Research Management (NAARM).

While the sun rays lit the bus all bright, the steering touched the pace of spreading fire in a forest and so did our questions regarding the unexpected visit. Impatiently waiting to reach the destination with surprises unexpected, we reach NAARM exactly an hour later. As expected the campus was pretty huge and we all wore a smile when three vehicles other than our bus weren’t allowed inside. We were allowed and yes that was the first achievement of the day!

Greens all around, with cool breeze beating the heat of season and also equalizing the amount of anxiety each of us had. As we got down the bus, Dr. Janardhan, the Director of the Video Production and Instructions Lab received us in all smiles and we loved the welcome tea as well.

Finally, few minutes later, the wait ended. We were taken to the place that we were desperately waiting to have just a glance of! Huge cameras, view hurting lights, fat wires, covered walls, smooth floors and silent rooms. What a delightful sight it was. A completely proper and professional video space that we never thought we’d even get to see. As we’ve already restricted ourselves to the two cameras and tripod stands provided to us in class. It was indeed a visual treat and each of us had those glowing curves in full swing!

Dr. Janardhan was way too amazing in explaining the functions of each and every minute object found in that room with the cost of each as well. His words; clear, gestures; apt and expressions; understandable!  Loving each second of the visit, we were awestruck at the aura of the lab itself and felt extremely privileged to have been given a chance to touch and feel the objects of such a great stature.

After explaining the 5 W’s and 1 H of all the equipment that was seen there and patiently addressing our queries, Dr. Janardhan and our professor were again kind enough to allow us shoot a 2 minutes talk show and yes that was the best part of the visit. It was more like serving sudden biryani to a person who’s not eaten normal rice since ages.

The lunch hall at NAARM was a sight again and we enjoyed every morsel so well that everything around and what happened next seemed greatly positive and profound.

We had our own responsibilities and each of us was an active participant in the shoot. 2 minutes seemed to be the greatest of time and the best of course. This phenomenal experience was never thought of and so we cherished every bit of it. Getting to see our work on screen was the icing on the cake. We all knew what we did and how, and thus ecstatically we step out of NAARM.

Our gratitude towards Dr. Janardhan for being such a kind host and, our professor Dr. Srinivas Panthukula knew no bounds that day!

All questions answered, bidding adieu to that great campus, completely satisfied and happy, with dreams of pursuing the best next, we set on our journey to both EFL-U and life!

Thank You Sirs, you made a difference.


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