Heart on my Sleeve

G S Swetha Rao

SHE doesn’t want to wear her heart on her sleeve, nor does she want to bottle up all her emotions until she explodes. She needs to find a healthy balance. It’s the best way to assure that she doesn’t get hurt too badly, whether in her career or love life. It isn’t really advisable for “HER” – a woman to wear her heart on her sleeve. Here are a few reasons that justify, why a woman shouldn’t actually wear her heart on her sleeve:

  • Don’t be the girl who cried wolf

You don’t like to keep your emotions to yourself always; neither would you want to constantly spill them out.  Crying for reasons such as a nail break leaves our tears the least valued.  Think about it! Emotions that are expressed over greater issues in life are more mature and people will actually come to your assistance when found in desolation.

  • Shatter stereotypes

Women are already believed to be overly emotional creatures by the society since time immemorial, so you wouldn’t want to enforce the stereotype. Getting super upset over little things at office won’t give you the promotion you’ve been awaiting.  You need to prove that you can handle stress for your betterment at the workplace.

  • Don’t let anyone take advantage of you!

Be careful with the amount of affection you show. Showering immense of it would end up in being taken advantage of. Express your love towards your loved ones instead of letting them know of your utter obsession. You don’t want to be fooled into doing something you shouldn’t be doing. Do you?

  • Feel powerful

You need not be an emotionless person in order to feel like a powerful woman. However, being able to hide your emotions will certainly help you feel stronger. You may not want to bottle up your feelings forever but you should be careful as to who you share them with. Not everyone can be trustworthy!

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t freak out over something you know you’ll get over in a few hours. It makes no sense complaining about the smallest stuff to everyone you see. Wait until something bigger goes wrong to go announce about it.

  • Avoid a broken heart

Wearing your heart on your sleeve leaves you heartbroken quite often.  Lower your risk of getting hurt by choosing who to let in and who not to.  This doesn’t mean cutting people out of your life. It just means that there should be place only for the ones worth it.

Think about it, if you’re the type who wears her heart on her sleeve, be careful. Set it right.  Learn to balance between sharing your emotions and locking them up.

Ask yourself, do you wear your heart on your sleeve, or are you strong enough at hiding your emotions?


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