Are You Mentally tough?

G S Swetha Rao

Mental toughness is something every woman should start developing to get through the mysteries of the modern world. It is important to be mentally tough and versatile to cope up with the happenings in one’s life. Being mentally strong and tough proves a woman’s capability to live without being dependant and survive the patriarch. Justifying its obligation, read on further to get hold of a few ways that will help you cultivate mental toughness and flourish:

  • Be patient and determined

Patience and determination are two essential character traits required to achieve goals. Inertly accepting things the way they come ad going with the flow will lead you nowhere. As someone rightly said “Only dead fish go with the flow”. Be patient, be determined, strive hard and be mentally tough!

  • Be positive

Positivity is the sure key to well being. Having a positive mind is essential to further cultivate a mentally tough one.  This powerful tool helps you achieve great things. Avoid negativity as much as possible and embrace positivity in every strife and struggle of life. Stay strong and positive!

  • Be firm

It is also important to be firm and obstinate to develop mental toughness.  Both criticism and praise are destructive. Give them the least heed to develop a tenacious attitude and finally a mentally tough mind. Never get disheartened at failure or fear criticism, what if you made a fool of yourself? Just get up, go back and try again. It doesn’t matter if people laugh at your loss. Just ignore, be pigheaded and thrust yourself to thrive.

  • Stay focused

Focus is important. The mentally tough are super focused and driven in life. You need to focus completely to take the right way to your destination. Be it at any juncture in life, school, college, office or even simply at home; be attentive and listen carefully. Train your mind is such a way that you don’t lose your focus as it might result into an unexpected great loss. Small or big, to stay focused is important to develop a mentally tough mind!

  • Develop good habits

Your habits define who you are. The mentally tough generally develop good habits that gradually become a part and parcel of their life. For instance; working out, meditation, eating healthy, positive thinking etc, all fall into the list of good habits.  Habituate yourself into developing good habits in order to become mentally tough.

  • Be consistent

Consistency is a must to mentally toughness. Being consistent in everything you do not only makes you mentally tough but also speaks volumes about you to the world. Be consistent, stick to what you have to do, give it your complete forgetting about the results and rewards. Fickle mindedness and inconsistency could prove your instability towards situations and thus would end up nil. Develop a consistent approach and also a mentally tough attitude!

It is evident that the necessity to develop mental toughness has been increasing for survival in today’s world. The world sees what you show; therefore it is up to you to create an opinion about yourself in the world’s view. It isn’t difficult to develop mental toughness; all you need to do is to change a bit of your lifestyle towards a ‘Strong’, ‘Determined’ and ‘Mentally tough’ YOU!


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