What is Your Problem with My Hijab?

-Ramsi Parveen
‘#BeBoldForChange’- This women’s day let’s celebrate her boldness.original

My body, my choice, my freedom and my style. I’m the one you call weak, the one covered in black, and the one without brain. Today March 8, International Women’s day, one more day with pink balloons, oaths and meets. We always advocate for change, the freedom of a women to throw off her barriers. But still there are people who judges women according to the dress she wears. According to many a girl in shorts is trendy and civilized but the one covered in hijab is unrefined or uneducated. But it’s time to remind the folks, dress is something which covers her body and not her intelligence.
Dr. Dhalia Mogahed a women wearing hijab and an adviser to Barack Obama, former President of America, was asked by journalists that her dress does not match her intelligence. Most of the people think hijab belongs to an era of ignorance. She answered them intelligently by saying ‘from the first century mankind were naked however, as he is becoming more aware with time he discovered clothes and what I am wearing now is the peak of advancement that mankind have ever achieved and this is not backwardness. But nakedness is backwardness and behaviour of 1st century. Had it been nakedness is a sign of advancement; animals would have been more advanced than mankind’.
Women herself believes that she is weak. We always blame that men underestimates our power and ridicules us due to our weakness. But the truth is strength and boldness should come from within. Support your sisters who are equally able to you but are neglected due to the way we think. A girl who dresses up completely and refuses to hang around are often called a ‘country girl’ who is not up to the trend. This revolves around our intelligence and questions our personality. Covering her body is her choice. Choosing what she wants is her choice. When we are demanding for the right to wear what we like it should not be mistaken as the right to uncover. We should also make sure to treat all women as equal.
Womanhood is a beautiful feeling. It should always be a pride for our self. Women are the one who should know this. She must respect herself and change to respect other women. Dresses you wear have nothing to do with your identity. Being bold for a new change will surely alter the concept of the society. Give strength to yourself and spread your grace in your sisters.


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