A new step towards life… DR.Sunitha Krishnan receiving award for               “Aakruthi women of the year”from Rotary District Governor G. Viswanathan

Prajwala, the “eternal flame “of love and sacrifice that spreads through the role of a mother, sister and a daughter shows how strong a woman is. Even though her life has deteriorated and the society started laughing at her, she proudly says, “I am a woman and I am strong enough to live my own life. In India more than 2000 women and children are inducted into sex trade every year. Their worst condition in this flesh market doesn’t have any end though they are rescued. Above all, what they face from their own society and people are even worse than this on the other side. In society’s view point these trafficked women are a laughing stock. They consider them as dirty and good for nothing. Sex rehabilitation centers are a strong hope for them to start a new life apart from the society where they are being ignored. It can bring them back to normal life, where she deserves a standing ovation for her more prolonged boldness and courageous throwback.

The Master Brain

The credit goes to Dr. Sunitha Krishnan, the Padma Shri award winning Indian social activist for her bold initiative in building up an anti-trafficking organization, Prajwala alongside Brother Jose Vetticatil. Being a rape survivor at the age of 15, Sunitha had flown away from the burned ashes like a phoenix bird. She struggled a lot to remake the government policies to rescue the sex trafficked victims.

The New Innovation

Prajwala, started in 1996 is one of the largest rehabilitation homes in the country with 20 bedded therapeutic centres and has over 200 employees. Being a Hyderabad based non government organization, it shelters the rescued women and children from sexual harassments and reunites them into society.

Shocking Past Reveals…

Sex trade happened in India years ago and has flourished to a greater extent now. Andhra Pradesh is one of the largest suppliers of women and children for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation. Going back to the history of Prajwala, a group of sex workers from a red street called Mehboob ki Mehandi in Hyderabad were caught in the crime of prostitution and were left homeless. Sunitha Krishnan initiated to take these thousands of women under the shelter of Prajwala.

Sex Trafficking, a modern form of slavery

Today sex trafficking is one of the fastest growing multi-billion dollar industry which has worldwide connections. It not only results in a severe violation of human rights but also causes severe physical, psychological and moral consequences for the victims. Most of them are young girls from vulnerable circumstances and they are tortured, raped and beaten by the traffickers. They are being trafficked and are sold to a brothel where they are forced to provide sexual services to more than 10 men per day and as a result they are affected with HIV AIDS.

Prajwala, a grand success!!

Today, Prajwala stands upon five pillars: prevention, rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration and advocacy with moral, financial, legal and social support to victims in the form of justice.

The second mission of the prevention program operates in 17 transition centers. Sunitha also leads an economic rehabilitation program which train survivors in several job oriented programs like carpentry, printing, housekeeping etc…They tied up with Amul to help these young women in setting up new business.


Prajwala has received public attention, through the speeches and seminars on trafficking worldwide. Sunitha Krishnan was honored by Aamir Khan in his programme Satya Meva Jayate for her enormous social activities. Mr.Rajesh Touchriver, Sunithas’s husband and her support is an Indian filmmaker, art director and scriptwriter, who has made several films under the theme of Prajwala. One of the films, Naa Bangaaru Talli won 3 National Awards in 2014.


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