One billion people in 175 countries will mark Earth Day. That puts tea parties in perspective, doesn’t it?”

– Greg Dworkin

Literacy is the foundation of an ideal world. It is upon this factor that any society is built. It can be considered as the stepping stone for progress of any nation. On the context of the 47th Earth Day on April 22, we listen to a lot of discourses and opinions regarding the conservation of the earth’s resources. But do we really understand the serious consequences] serious of the fact that our mother earth is slipping into the fathoms of destruction that could result in the annihilation of mankind?

What we need today is a global citizenry that is really educated and concerned about the unprecedented threat that over-exploitation is causing to the earth. In this light, the slogan for this year’s Earth Day is “Environment and Climate Literacy”. Today’s issues however have grown more global and more difficult and striving towards. “Environment and Climate Literacy”, can indeed serve as a driving force to create a generation which could produce advancements in environmental and climate strategies.

Along with literacy on environment, if technological and political developments could revolve around sustainable development, both the inclusive growth of the world and the rejuvenation of the environment might go hand-in-hand. Empowering people with proper knowledge on the dangers and consequences of existing conditions could inspire immediate action in defence of the earth.

There is no need to list the environmental issues, as we are quite aware of most of them – right from climate change to the air and water pollution. The question is when to act? In spite of being literate, we are being negligent to the immediate needs of the environment. According to Gaylord Nelson, the US senator who came up with the concept of ‘Earth Day ‘ in 1970, the whole idea of celebrating the World Earth Day was to “promote the idea of natural balance among people as well as encourage them for respecting the assets of the planet. It is very necessary to take care of the environmental issues to stay healthy and alive as cruel people have mercilessly utilized its resources and depleted its life supporting resources over the centuries.”

The time has come for us to stop voicing concerns and attending summits on environmental issues. The time has come for us to “act”. The responsibility should dawn on us before it is too late to revive our little blue planet back to its bygone days of freshness and peace, thereby embrace the bounties of the earth.




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