Howzatt!!! : Moonlight cricket tournament

Yeshwanth Kumar

Cricket has been entertaining masses throughout the world for many generations now. People all over the world have been mesmerized by its magic spell and it is that time of the year when the spell enchants the EFL-U campus! The ‘Moonlight Cricket tournament’ organized by a group of students on the occasion of Republic Day, brought a lot of cheer and bonhomie among the students of EFL-U. The tournament was inaugurated by Dr. Anand Mahanand, from the Department of ELE, and it went on for three days, from 26th to 29th January 2017.

Each inning lasted for eight overs and the matches had teams of eight players with one substitute.EFLU-Sharifzaade Sweet Poison, Dhakkad, Soup-astar, Hitmen and Alligators, were some of the teams that played and each team had its own fanfollowing.The tournament wasdivided into two pools, each pool divided into three teams and each team played three matches and the winners of both the pools played the finals.

The tournament was off to an exciting start with the teams Hitmen & Dhakkads playing against each other. The final encounter was between the teams Sharifzaade and Hitmen, and Sharifzaade emerged as the winners. Amit Kumar won the ‘Man of the Tournament’ award,  Afzal was adjudged the ‘Best Batsman’, Sammy Victor ‘Best Bowler’, Jagjeeth ‘Best Fielder’ and Danish ‘Best Wicket keeper’, for their exceptional performance on the field. This annual tournament which always attracts the sports lovers of the EFL-U campus was conducted this year by Ashok, Sameer, Ranjith, Ranjith Reddy, and Shreyashi Sinha, (students of the University).



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