-Kavya Srinivas


Marriages are often said to be decided in heaven, but in the present Indian scenario, they are usually made on a contractual basis by the matrimonial agencies. The lucrative vocation of wedding is quite prevalent in recent days. In precise, marriages have turned into a knot of commercial bonding between two families where there exists no necessity for the consent of the people getting spliced. In the society where love has turned to be a taboo; arrangement of marriages has become a profitable business.

It all started at the time when India was still in its conservative phase, where women were voiceless. The predominant convention of getting young girls married to age old men had always suppressed the basic rights of women. We are to celebrate our 70 years of independence, and only now women have finally achieved the right to educate and express themselves. The cars in our highways moves with a jet speed where our mindsets are still at a snail’s pace. Freedom was granted to the country politically but not to the citizens personally. Relationships are determined on the basis of cast, creed, religion and community but not love and affection. We never permit our kids to choose the love of their life.

The new generation still faces hurdles in defining their relationships, in world’s biggest democracy. Love is still a prohibition even in the contemporary spheres. We admonish our sons and daughters if they are rumoured to be seen with an opposite gender. According to the report of UNICEF, 47% of Indian women are getting married before the age of 18 as their parents are scared of their daughters’ slipping in the sin of love. People prefer arranged marriages over love marriages to lower the risk ratio. The thought commercial marriages ‘worked for us, they will also work for them’ have been fencing their children.

The life donors have become life grabbers just to sustain their honour. Media too sets an agenda of the life of the woman after marriage. The matrimonies heading community, religion and creed started provoking people to search for a partner in their own communities to get linked. It’s always worthwhile to let the young people to live their dreams.


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