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G S Swetha Rao

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell. Stories that need to be proven true, compelling and relevant! It is all about how creatively one positions a brand in the digital space. The term digital is not new as is currently the buzz of the nation. Though young, digital marketing has become a sensation in no time and is today the need of the hour. Digital marketing is the future!

Offline advertising has withered and is perhaps a little less preferred when compared to Digital marketing or online advertising. It is said that if your brand isn’t visibly digitally, then forget about its life! The ‘Social Media’ is the hub for Digital Marketing and just does not limit itself to entertainment.

India as a country is taking the giant stride towards a Digital India and in to time will be a country with the highest Digital consumption.


For startups and young companies with limited marketing budgets, digital marketing is perhaps the only cost-effective method to get their message out there and build a consumer base. Barriers to entry and scaling up are miniscule compared to the traditional media. If it’s done right, you can achieve a whole lot on a limited budget, which means it has levelled the playing field between big and small companies. The challenge, however, is knowing how to do it right.

For startups especially, digital marketing is a more viable option than traditional media because even with a small budget, businesses can test the effectiveness of their marketing strategy, control costs, and reach out to targeted prospects. It’s why every type of business (big and small, old and new) is recognising the importance of leveraging digital marketing. Not surprising then, that the digital media industry is growing at 40% year by year growth when other industries are struggling at 5% or 6%.

The different strategies that work (or don’t) for B2B and B2C firms, rapidly evolving technologies and methodologies, and that there is no single path that startups can take to achieve complete success with their digital marketing strategies. For many young companies trying digital marketing for the first time is much like the elephant examined by six men in the dark – one states that an elephant is like a rope because it has held the animal’s tail. Another thinks it is like a tree branch because it has felt the elephant’s trunk. Others liken it to a fan (ears), or a wall (torso), or a plough (tusks).

For the time being, digital marketing faces a deficit of practical, usable information, clear communication of learnings, the right talent, and the need to acknowledge different perspectives. Depending on what a startup wants to achieve, its digital strategy can involve a zillion permutations and combinations across search engine optimisation (SEO), integrated marketing, content marketing, lead nurturing, etc. Businesses need a digital marketing strategy that is in sync with ever evolving trends and the changing needs of the organisation, making it all the more challenging.

With increasing mobile, internet penetration and the rise of a tech-savvy generation of consumers, digital media is seen as a potent tool to disseminate information and engage a target audience. Even though digital marketing is still in a nascent stage, both large and small organisations are looking to execute digital marketing campaigns with greater intensity.

After all, the internet is the biggest disrupter of our age, and there is no reason why digital marketing will not disrupt traditional marketing just as extensively.

Professionals Say

“Digital marketing is the next gen marketing. It is completely revolutionised the conventional way of marketing. It helps us filter the right target audience in a most cost effective and efficient way which is not possible with conventional media. It can reach anywhere in the world in fraction of secs. Digital platforms are not just for marketing but also useful for maintaining good customer relationships, creating good perceptions in marketing, knowledge sharing and is thus very much effective in CSR activities like fundraising events, awareness campaigns etc.’’ – Navneeth Gowrishetty, Founder, 3 Digital Marketers (3DM), Hyderabad.

“With the ever increasing consumer adaptations to tech gadgets such as mobiles/laptops and with the advancements, trends in applications to engage users, most of their time is being spent on mobiles, tablets or on laptops, making it the best way to capture user attention. The world is moving digital. Targeting Niche is the new era of business models and the best way to filter and target selected audience is easier and more focused on digital platforms. The best part of Digital Marketing is every activity the target user makes can be tracked and analysed! These Insights can help business owners to make right decisions by knowing what exactly is the user looking for and to provide them with the same to take the desired action.” – Sharath Chandra, CEO, 3 Digital Marketers (3DM), Hyderabad.


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