– LakshmiPriya G.D


Photo Credits: Neeraj Shankar

B.A Japnese students along with their Professor Yukino Himali at the Bunkasai event.

Indian students are always been interested in learning a new foreign language.  It is a means to  imbibing a new culture and tradition apart from India. The Japanese department of The English and Foreign language University (EFLU) brought up with Bunkasai, a three days annual cultural event which marked the glory of Japanese tradition in the campus. The fest was organized to showcase the overall creativity of Japanese students. Prof. Yukino Himali, Assistant Professor, Department of Japanese hosted the event along with the students. It was an inspiring and great experience for all the students as well as the teaching and non teaching faculties to be a part of this cultural event.

Opening day  with “A tale of love”

The critically acclaimed anime movie Kimi No Nawa( Your name), directed by Makoto Shinkai was screened on the day of 31 March. This love story,determination that transcends time, distance and even apocalyptic odds.

   Karutha, a game of poetry!!


One of the main attractions of Bunkasai was the Karutha game. It’s a game of poetry based on cards which will surely incite your mind. The basic idea of karuta is to identify the card and take it off the set before the opponent grabs it, where the cards will be of the second part of a poem while the first part will be read out by the game conductor.Today the poems will be both in English and Japanese.

Reflection of Paper crafts


Origami, yet another creative masterpiece of Japanese culture is an art of paper folding which can make variety of intricate designs.  Japanese Paper crane is one among the famous origami craft piece.

Shodo, the script of wonder


 Shodo, the Japanese calligraphy is a popular fine art of Japan. The beautiful script catches our attention. The elegance of lines give aesthetic pleasure to the spectator as well. Many of them from the University took participation in the calligraphy session.

Chopstick Magic


Chopstick workshop was a practice session for the beginners. The students took the initiative in teaching others, how to use the chopsticks.  They had introduced two varieties of it. Saibashi(for cooking) and Hashi (for eating ) are those  two varieties of chopsticks used in the Japanese cuisine.The chopstick task went as a difficult task for many of them.

The festival was started on March 31 and ended on April 2. The vibrant culture and tradition of Japan showcased at the festival was attractive and impressive. The tattoo session, Japanese Bon odori dance and songs captured more attention.


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