-BY Lakshmi Priya G.D


Photo Credits: Lakshmi

When inner eyes speak….Thirupathy Naik, PhD research scholar(Hindi) of EFLU.

It was a dream come true for 32 year old Tirupathi Naik, when he got selected amongst the five PHD Hindi scholars at The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad (EFLU). Being a visually handicapped student, he doesn’t care it as his vulnerability. “Education is a new step towards wisdom, no matter if we are deaf or dumb, it’s all about our inner vision”, says Naik, while enjoying his new journey towards education at EFLU campus. Talking about his passion, he expressed his love for Hindi language and literature.

Why did you choose EFLU for your PhD studies?

Well, EFLU is one of the top reputed central universities in India. The campus provides a good atmosphere which is apt for learning.

How was your college experience during your graduation days?

I hail from Mehboobnagar, Hyderabad and did my graduation there. Then I pursued masters in Hindi literature from Hyderabad Central University (HCU). I had experienced bitter times as well as sweet memories during my college days. But I believe in the magic of almighty who gives me courage and strength to overcome bad situations.

Who is your greatest support and strength?

I am thankful to Prof. Rajashekaran, in charge of disabled cell for his valuable advices and encouragement. My friends would help me in reading texts using Braille and they records audio for my study purposes.

What was the greatest challenge in your life?

I faced a great opposition from my family when I had chosen my career to go for higher studies. They alienated me while I sticked on to my dream and moved on.

Have you ever experienced any sort of ignorance from anyone in your life?

Of course. I have no contacts from anyone of my family. But still I am happy because life had taught me   a great lesson, how to live an independent life.

What are your areas of interest?

Hindi language is everything for me. My research paper is on “Bheeshma Sahani Upanyas mem Saamajik Chethana”. It is all about Hindi literature.  Learning this gives me an immense pleasure. I can feel it inside my heart.  My favourite book is Prem  Chand’s Godhan,  a story about a village life.

Do you have any scholarships or stipends?

Yes I have two scholarships. I get 2500 rupees for Reader allowance and Rajiv Gandhi fellowship of around  25000, monthly.

What are your future plans?

I love the profession of teaching. If I become a successful teacher, then that would be the greatest achievement of my life.

Your strong decision towards education apart from all the struggles is a great lesson for everyone. What suggestion do you want to give for the future aspiring graduates?

I have come a long  distance, but still I have miles to walk. Learn a lot, not only from your books, but also from your life. It gives you a great experience, from which you can learn a big lesson.


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