A step towards empowerment

-Kavya Srinivas

Being a woman isn’t cushy in the present world scenario. Taking birth as a female is amounts being a bane for many of that gender. Crime against women has turned frequent around the world. To highlight this issue, the students of EFL University had a performance accompanied by a ballad at Haseena Chowk near Maha Laqa Bai Chanda Hostel.

A group of fifteen splashed out their anguish, crying against the foul getting sprinkled on females of this generation. They have created different characters which women come across in their  daily routine. The cluster of students elaborated on idea by consolidating the crimes faced by our girl children through their ballad. The act played on child molestation and acid attack seemed quite catchy for the gathering.

The serious question raised by one of the performers , “It is said that a woman is not safe during night, but which woman is safe during day” appeared to be a slap onto the present society. The political and social behavior at the media were clustered and elucidated, which left the gathering speechless.

The context continued by discussing  the problems faced by the women. It  summed up after changing in the perspectives of the gathering, in judging the women.


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