Overseas, a New Destination for Young India

-Ramsi Parveen

International migration is one of the recent phenomena which include student migration and migration for job purposes. Even though our country offers several opportunities for the youth, the flow towards other countries is increasing day by day. Especially the European countries like U.K and U.S attracts large number of students. They have a huge number of overseas residents. U.K is known to be the second most global destination for international students while U.S.A being first in this list. Some of the reasons are the education system provided abroad which gives a better knowledge as well as a practical approach and give a good learning experience. An international knowledge system has easy access to up to date and course curriculum. The peaceful and stable environment for international students makes things easier.

Even though these reasons are fair enough, our country faces several problems due to this flow. One of the major consequences is that most of these students prefer to continue their carrier abroad. These results in imbalance in all spheres of employment. Development of a country lies in the shoulders of its young generation. When manpower migrates to other countries, our country is left behind and is benefited with nothing.


Affordable education abroad is making differences in the perspectives of common man. Student migration has hit the peak in the recent years. Experiences from different cultural backgrounds shape an individual during his education. Lack of proper research and higher education system is one of the major reasons for this trend. The learning experience is much different and tends to be more updated and ‘trendy’ for the young minds.

Overseas education being one of the trends in the youth is affecting the growth of our country in several ways. Material growth is not the only thing necessary for the development of a nation. Manpower is necessary in all fields. We lack that intelligence of making. ‘Migration of brains’, I would like to quote this phenomena, is taking place in jet speed. We will be able to tackle the problems of student migration by offering better educational facilities and employment opportunities in multiple fields.






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