Nigeri Lencho(left), Imam Mohammad Warymoch and Rateb Noori (right).

Indian is a source and top destination of education among foreign national students. They learn, choose their career and later on become capable to earn as well. The English and Foreign language is one such reputed central universities of India, where more than 50000 students from foreign countries had set their foot in the recent past 40 years in various fields of graduation courses. Among them I would like to proudly introduce three eminent EFLU aluminates from the Department of Media and Communication, who are in a renowned position now. The Communication Minister of Ethiopia, Nigeri Lencho, the Chief Electoral Officer of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan, Imam Mohammad Warymoch and finally the media star and War Journalist of Afganistan, Rateb Noori.

Nigeri Lencho who graduated from the University with MA Media and Communication in 2004 is now the Communication Minister for Ethiopia. Being an Ethiopian academician and politician since 2016, he has served as a Minister of Communications in the cabinet of Hailemariam Dessalegn. He received his PhD from Andhra University in India in 2011, and went on to teach at Addis Ababa University, serving as Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Language Studies. He is very good writer as well. His articles are based on the criticisms of the government’s dominance of the domestic media.

Yet another wonder from the Department of Media and Communication,  Imam Mohammad Warymoch who did his graduation in MA Media and Communication from EFLU and became the Chief Electoral Officer of the Independent Election Commission (IEC)of Afghanistan which is also a ministerial level position. He had been associated with the IEC media commission as a research officer before becoming a member of the commission.

Rateb Noori, the charming, dynamic and adventerous video correspondant and war journalist from Afghanistan presently works for Agance France Press. His strong reactions and twitter posts on the current happenings around the world has gained him thousands of followers on Twitter. Rateb is still loyal to the Department years after completion of his Masters. Every year he comes down all the way from Afghanistan to help organise theEFLU Media Fest. In fact, he is the chief choreographer for the Ethnic Show presented on each Grand Finale.

“All the credits go to you and my other professors who guided me throughout my education especially my professors in the English and Foreign Languages University. As I said always, India is my second home and the love Indians have given me will drag me again and again to this land of love and peace. Jai Hind! Jai Afghanistan! ”, quotes Rateb.


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