Will India be a superpower ?, a talk by Ashley Tellis

– Allan Harold Rex

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Will India be a superpower ?

A talk  by Ashley Tellis on the hurdles that were faced by India in becoming a superpower.

Dr. Ashley Tellis talked about a changing India and the challenges that are faced by  the nation on the  road to being a superpower. In an event that was organized by the NGO Manthan, in Hyderabad Dr. Ashley  Tellis, diplomat and think – tank , a senior associate at  Senior Associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, talked in detail, on the struggle to balance the power  in the world and the effect of certain  policies on the long term interests of a nation.

Dr. Ashley debunked  questions regarding the Chinese economy and did a qualitative analysis of the current governments national policies like gold bonds to save the GDP .

A jewish proverb  –  ‘’When you are rich, you look beautiful and sing well too‘‘ quoted by Tellis while  he was trying to reinstate and substantiate the importance of having material resources to back up a nation.

Dr Tellis also suggested a three step model to tackle the problems that are crippling the Indian economy 1 ) Growth Of GDP 2) The power of the state to negotiate with the people. 3) The level of rationalism in the society .  He was also of the opinion that India  has always enjoyed three privileges after liberation :  liberal democracy  , civic nationalism and economic organization – which according to him is the only part that needs a rework.

The talk session ended after an hour of question & answer, where he addressed and answered queries regarding the various issues of the audience.


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